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Sample letters - letters for every occasion

Letters written by native English speakers so you can be sure of their suitability for every situation

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Business Letters

Samples of business to business letters and letters to employees.

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Consumer Letters

Samples of letters for all types of situations such as complaints about shoddy service or goods not received.

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Personal Letters

Sample letters for every occasion from birth announcements to apologising for being late to a family event.

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Request a Letter

Can't find exactly the letter you need. We can write one for you to your specific requirements. Email us for details.


The Art and Skill of Letter Writing

A beautifully crafted letter can open doors, bring in new business, save a friendship or help to receive a refund for shoddy goods amongst many other possible outcomes.
But you sit there looking at the blank page and wonder where to start, like an artist deciding on their first brush stroke - it's a very intimidating process.
Luckily that's where Sample Letters comes in. We want you to write the best letter possible no matter under what circumstances, so we have collated our letters into useful categories including business letters and even love letters, for you to browse through or you can just use the search facility if you have a specific letter in mind.

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