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Letter of Visa Request sample

To: Consulate General of Canada

Manila, Philippines


Subject: Request for Tourist Visa


Dear sir/Madam,

I would like to request your good office to issue Tourist Visa for myself (name here), my wife (name here) and my children (name here depending on numbers). We want to spend our vacation in Canada because I believe that it is one of the best travelled places in the world today.

I am a citizen of the Philippines and currently residing in the address detailed below. In addition, I already attached the copy of my passport and a valid ID for your reference in completing the process.

I have a sincere interest in visiting Canada to learn about its remarkable cultures and traditions. I know that countless of tourists are now visiting in this beautiful country because it is safe and with low crime rates than its neighboring countries.

Given a chance, I will adhere to your approval and promise to come back in our country on the exact timeframe as a stated on your conditions.

I will sincerely appreciate your kind consideration to my request.


Thank you very much,


(Name here)



Home Address:

(Complete address here)

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