Sample Letters for Negative Response to Job Application

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (name of recipient),

We would like to thank you for applying as (applied position) to join our new company.

Although we do not have current opening in this field of work at the moment, we will keep your submitted application on our priority files. Should this position become available in our company, we will immediately inform you and arrange a schedule for your interview and testing.

Again, thank you very much.



Sample Letter # 2



Dear (complete name)

We are pleased to tell you that our team already received your submitted application to joining our company as one of our (position applied).

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a vacant in your specified area of expertise. We are going to keep your application on our priority list and once this position is available, you will receive an immediate letter to prioritize your interview.


Thank you,




Sample Letter # 3



We are very thankful for you submitting your recent job application form in joining our organization to become a new (position requested).

All while we do not interview applicants for the said position at this time, we certainly value your application form and will keep in on file.

Once a position becomes available, we shall contact you and will arrange a convenient schedule for your interview and examination.

Again, thank you for submitting your application.



Sample Letter #  4


Good Day, (Mr./Ms.Mrs.) last name,

Thank you very much for your latest application to our company with an intention to work as one of our (position requested).

As of now, we actually do not have an opening in this field of work. However, our team will definitely keep your latest application and you are on our priority listing. Once this position is available, we will inform you as soon as possible and arrange the best time to visit our company.



Sample Letter # 5


Dear (complete name)

For submitting us your recent application to joining our company as (applied position),we really want to thank you.

We currently kept your application on the active list because we do not have a vacant spot for your applied position at this time. We already evaluated your application and should the position become available anytime, you will receive a confirmation from us and ready be for the interview.


Respectfully yours,

(Name of authorized representative)