Sample Letters of Resignation

Sample Letters of Resignation

When you write a letter of resignation to your current employer, make the letter as matter of fact as possible. Whatever your reason for leaving,thank them for your time at the company and find one nice thing to say about working there. Your new employer may not yet have taken up references and a nice resignation letter makes sure you don’t jeopardise your chances of getting one. Now is not the time to settle grudges or complain about perceived wrongdoings against you.

Letter of resignation  – sample 1

Dear [name]

I write to formally tender my resignation from my position of [position] and will be leaving on [date] which is giving the required period of notice.

Throughout the period of my employment with [Company Name),I have found the terms of my employment to be extremely favourable and would have no hesitation in recommending you as a good  [great/supportive] employer.

I wish [the Company] continued success in the future and thank you for the opportunity I had to further my skills during my time working for you.

Yours Sincerely,