Acknowledgement from Publisher, Comments Referred to Author

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Name),

We would like to thank you for your commenting. This is to inform you that a copy of your letter is forwarded to the exact author for his personal response. I am definitely sure that you will hear from (name of author) as soon as he receives your letter.

We are very pleased that you considered our posted article as an informative one and we hope that you continue to support us by reading our regular publication. In case you have added questions or comments, please never hesitate to reach our office at (state address with contact number).

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Thank you very much.



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (name)

Thank you very for your sharing us your comment and we already sent a copy of your letter to the author of the article. Please just wait for his/her personal response and I am sure he/she will contact you in the near future.

As part of our gratitude, we are pleased to learn that you choose our article because of its quality information. We hope that you will read more of our publications.

If you need to ask questions in the future, we want you to communicate with us through this office.

We truly value the fresh readership we have and on this matter, we humbly accept you as a new member of our trusted subscribers.



Sample Letter # 3


Dear (full name),

As an appreciation from commenting in our published content, we forwarded a copy of your letter so that the author personally acknowledges your comment through personal response. Without a doubt, the author will respond to you after evaluating your comment.

We are pleased to tell you that our office is flattered in choosing our articles as informative content and we are hopeful that you continue reading our upcoming publications.

The relationship with our subscribers is valuable and so we are proud to count you as one of them to become part of our family of. If ever you have other comments or inquiries regarding our publication, please write to us and we will be happy to entertain you.


Sample Letter # 4


Dear (Full name),

For sharing your comments to us, we really want to thank you. We already sent a copy of your to the (choose author or publisher) for any respond about your comments and I am sure that you will hear from this person anytime.

I am really pleased that you considered the article we have as very informative and with that, I hope that you continue to read our available publications.

Should you consider sending more comments or need to ask important about our publications, do not hesitate to communicate with us through this office (state complete office address).

Again, thank you very much for your support.



Sample Letter # 5


Dear (name)

Thank you very much for the comments you shared to our posts. To make sure that your effort is commended, we forwarded a copy of your letter to the exact (publisher or author) for (his or her) response. By doing this, our office is certain you will be receiving or hearing a response to (name of author/publisher) as soon as possible.

Because of valuing our articles as informative materials, we ask for your continuing support by reading our future publications. Please if you need further questions or want to ask anything about our posts in the near future, do not hesitate to email us at (email address) or call us at (phone number).

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