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How to Write a Cover Letter and Land the Best Job

Have you ever wondered on how to write a cover letter? To be honest, this is probably one of the most important steps to land the best job during the search process. By preparing a quality cover letter, you might end up getting as many as job offers to choose and earn decent salary. The […]

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Organizing Your Ideas

When readers read an article, they expect to see a pattern of organization.  We can achieve this by arranging the ideas or information contained in our paragraphs in a particular pattern or a logical sequence of thoughts.  Listed below are some of these patterns: Chronological Order – ideas are arranged in time sequence. This is […]

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Writing the paragraphs

How many of you have experienced a day in your life when you feel like your head is bursting with so many ideas?  You feel so excited and ready to go, so you sit down and start writing your thoughts. But where should you begin? When writing, I always follow a particular pattern: the point […]

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The Writing Process

With the advancement in technology, people who love to read, or those who need information for their businesses, interests, professions, etc. no longer need to go to bookstores to buy books or magazines or go to libraries to obtain these information. All they need to do is search online for ebooks and ezines (emagazines)that are […]

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