Adam Sandlers Santos
2102 Feliza Drive,
Ayala Village, Alabang,
Muntin Lupa, Metro Manila,


Janaury 12, 2013

Marry Elizabeth England

Never Been Heard Inc.
Duke Marione dela Vega

Dear Ms. Dela Vega,

Subject: (The purpose of writing the letter)


This letter is in response to the discussion we had about (Name of business) last month. I am writing this formal letter to confirm the final business partnership meeting between your company and ours to take place on (Date). The purpose of the meeting is to confirm the terms and conditions for our partnership.

It would be highly appreciated if you could send your confirmation by (Date prior to the actual day of meeting). This will help us make all the necessary arrangements for our official meeting. I request you to kindly provide the details in case you will be accompanied by your employees.

We look forward to having a long term relationship between the two companies in the future through this important business meeting. If you have any questions or additional information you wish to acquire related to our meeting, please call (Telephone number).


Yours sincerely,

(Signature over complete name of sender)