Sample Refusal of Employee Request for Early Raise

Sample Letter # 1

Dear (Full name)

Even though our company truly appreciates all your pointers on this letter, we cannot decide to consider a raise at this specified time. It is the responsibility of the (Name of company/business) to review carefully all the benefits of the employees and compensation since (state date) before the end of the fiscal year.

At this time you considered to request for a salary increase, the actual production figures in your department are significantly considerable by now.

Hoping for your better understanding




Sample Letter # 2

To: name


Re: Request Increased Salary

We would like to tell you that the company admires all you have pointed out in your request letter, but we do not agree on your request for an increased salary as of this moment.

It is our custom as the head department to review and decide for all the potential demands of the employees on a regular basis.

If ever we decide to consider for salary increases, we will still need to review the current figures from your division.

Thank You Very Much!



Sample Letter # 3


Although we understand your effort to request an increased from this letter you sent us, we believe that an immediate raise is not yet necessary. Based on the guidelines of (Name of company), we conduct the reviews of all the active employees before the end of the year.

Therefore, at the time you want an increase for your monthly salary, we still need to follow the guidelines because any kind of increase will not be entertained.

Hope you understand our point of view.


Respectfully Yours,

(name of signatory)