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Apology letters

Saying sorry by letter Saying sorry, in the words of the old song, is the hardest thing to do. But it brings the best rewards. After an argument or an instance of unacceptable behaviour, there is usually a cooling down period where the parties concerned take some time to think about what’s happened and what […]

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Apology to a friend

Apology letter to a friend

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Fallen out with a good friend over something that later appears to be really trivial. How do we go on from here? We want to remain friends but as time goes by it becomes more and more difficult to know where to start building bridges. That’s where a good […]

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Refusing a request for reference

refusal of request for a reference

It is common to be asked for a reference for previous employees or sometimes people we know on a personal basis. Usually we are happy to provide this for the person concerned, however there may be times when you are reluctant to give one. There can be many reasons for this, perhaps the employee left […]

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Reply to employee requesting a change to working hours

It is always good as an employer to be sympathetic to employees’ requests to change working hours wherever possible. In return employees have been shown to be more loyal to the company. The requested change in hours needs to be weighed up against the possibility that the employee may leave if the answer is no, […]

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Invitation to Quote for Services

If you are a local authority or charity you will be required to invite quotes for services to prove best value has been chosen. Even businesses may want to invite quotes for services if there are several companies that could equally provide them. By doing this you can ensure you get the best possible quote […]

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Welcoming New Client

Date Name of recipient Title Name of Company Address   Dear Sir/Madam (Recipient name): We would like to thank you for selecting (Name of the company) for your (type of business) needs. We are proud to say that you will be satisfied with the services we offer. We are confident that our services will completely […]

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Welcome to Sample Letters

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The art of letter writing is sadly dying out, yet it is an absolute necessity in the workplace and a very desirable skill in your own personal life. Even if you don’t write and print letters, you can use the same content in an email. A beautifully crafted letter can open doors, bring in new […]

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Letter of Intent to Purchase a Product

(Name of Buyer/Position here) (Name of Company or Business here) (Complete Address here)   To: (Name of Owner here) (Position/Business or Company Here) (Complete Address here)   Date: (here) Subject: Letter of intent to purchase your product   Dear Sir/Madam,   I am writing you this letter to offer my personal intention to purchase your available product. […]

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April 4, 2018 Donald Trump The University Of The East Peral John McCleen St., City of Pine, Philippines   To whom it may concern, My name is James Dimakulangan, a former student of The University Of The East Perl and taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I would like to request a copy of […]

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This notice herby state that Mr. and Mrs. Johne Doe  and Mr. Peter John of  Arcade Home Builders agreed to terminate the contract of the 2-Bedroom Bungalow House and Lot project (Land Title No. 99909-20222205391) located at Lot 5, Block 66, Moncoda Subdivision 2 in Brgy. Salapadan Piat City, Quirino. On (date here), this notice […]

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