25 ways to say I Love You at Christmas

Christmas is a time for families and how much they mean to us. Telling that someone special how much you love them is also


Merry Christmas. I want to thank you for all the love, special times, and happiness you give me. You truly are wonderful.

I am so thankful to have you in my life. You are the best Christmas present ever. Merry Christmas.

Christmas is always special for me as I can spend this magical day with you. Merry Christmas, darling.

You are the one who makes my life complete and perfect in every way. I love the way you love me, care for me. Wishing my love a happy Christmas.25 ways to say I love you at Christmas

You are the biggest blessing in my life, my love. I wish you a very happy Christmas.

You are the best and most supportive person in the world. You make me feel like the only person in the world when you smile at me. Merry Christmas.

Sending you my warm hugs and kisses on this Christmas Eve. May all your dreams come true because I want to see you happy. Merry Christmas.

Winter nights are cold and lonely, but your love keeps my winters warm and blissful. Merry Christmas my darling. I wish that all the happiness in the world becomes yours.

You make my everyday magical just like this Christmas. You are the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Merry Christmas my love.

Christmas is another time to tell you how much I love you and how important you are in my life. You are my world, my everything. Merry Christmas.

I may not always say this but I truly love you, and I will love you ‘til my last breath. I love you so much. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas wish for you is that you are always surrounded with love and peace. Merry Christmas to you!

You are the most valuable gift of my life. I don’t want or need anything else except your time and your love. Wishing you a wonderful time during this Christmas.

I wish you a life filled with love and care, as you filled mine with yours. I thank you for everything. Merry Christmas.

Everyone says you only fall in love once but that’s not true, every time I hear your voice and see your smile, I fall in love all over again. Happy Christmas!

Your being in my life is the biggest present I could receive. Your smile is what brightens my Christmas! Merry Christmas My Love!

You encourage me to be a better person. You give me a reason to smile every day. Thank you, and have a wonderful Christmas!

Our love is a treasure that no gift beneath the tree can match in worth. Thank you and Merry Christmas, my love.

Every day with you is special for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Merry Christmas!

You make the winter stars shine brighter and the cold days warmer just by being in my life. Merry Christmas to my wonderful wife/husband/partner!

Merry Christmas my love. I know I am the luckiest person ever, to have someone like you in my life! Every day of my life is beautiful because of you!

Today, and tomorrow you will always be mine. And I will hold you in my heart for ever. Merry Christmas, l love you.

You always put a smile on my face and for that I thank you. Merry Christmas, I love you so much.

You are my everything, my whole life. I love you, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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