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Sample Love Letters for Undying Love

Sample Letter # 1   [Name of recipient] [Designation] [Contact #] [Address]   Dear [Name]   You can definitely find countless of love letters from different people who expressed their true love. Of course, this is a normal expression of most human beings as part of our existence. Remember that when expressing true love, there […]

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Sample Monthsary Letter

Sample 1:   Dear [Name of Recipient], It is true that we have only been together for [number of months], but it feels like I already know you for so long. A lot of people are saying that we would end up separated when the right time comes, but I’m trying to work things out […]

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Sample Anniversary Letter

Sample 1:   Dear [Name of Recipient], Happy [number of years] Anniversary to the most special person in my life. We’ve been together for [number of years] years and we are still together because we tried to work out our differences and decided to stay together despite our huge differences. I am very happy that […]

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