Sample Monthsary Letter

First love is a wonderful thing and a new relationship should be cherished and nurtured.

What better way than sending an actual letter to your new love rather than a transient Facebook message or a text? A beautiful one will be treasured forever. Here are three examples which you can personalise as much as you like. Whatever you do though, make sure it sounds sincere.

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Sample Monthsary letter 1:

Dear [Name of Recipient],

It is true that we have only been together for [number of months], but it feels like I already know you so well. A lot of people are saying that our relationship won’t last, but here we are still together and still going strong.

I just want you to know that I’m very happy to be with you and I think that destiny brought us together. Let’s hold each other tightly because no matter what the future brings, our love will grow stronger.

I love you and happy monthsary.


[Your name]

Sample Monthsary letter 2:

Dear [Name of Recipient],

I don’t really want to be formal when it comes to our monthsaries, so I wanted to give you something different on our [number of months] monthsary.

We’ve been living in a world where phone calls and Facebook messages matter a lot, but there is a possibility that these calls and messages will be deleted or lost, so I made a decision to send my feelings in the form of a letter. I know that it is a bit old fashioned, but I wanted you to remember this day and keep this letter as a memento because I want to make a promise to you:

I promise that I will love you for as long as possible. I don’t want to say forever because we both know that things can change but right now the thought of my love ending just doesn’t seem possible.  I miss you every minute of every day when we’re apart and can’t wait until we’re together again. Time seems to stop when we’re together and everything just seems really good when I’m with you.

Thank you for being my friend, my lover and my life. I love you so much.

Yours truly,

[Your name]

Sample Monthsary Letter 3:

Dear [Name of Recipient],

Yay! We did it! We reached the first month of our relationship. Thank you for being with me, your love and friendship has made me a better person.  This is the first time that I’ve been in a relationship so I don’t really know much about it, all I know is that I am happier with you than without you.

I promise you that I will try my best to understand you as well as you are trying to know me and I may make mistakes along the way, but please know that I will always try and earn your love and respect.

I’m looking forward to another month of being with you. I love you so much and Happy Monthsary.

Lovingly yours,

[Your name]

Sample Monthsary Letter 4:

Dear Name,

We have been together for a month now and I want to tell you how much you mean to me. I’ve never met anyone like you and I can’t wait to see our relation grow stronger with time.

This month just flew by so fast, it seems like yesterday that we first met at the mall. You were standing at the bus stop looking for directions on your phone, but because of heavy traffic you couldn’t get an answer. That’s when I went over to help you…

I noticed then that your face was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen before in my life, and soon after getting to know each other better, my feelings slowly started developing towards you and now a month later these feelings are stronger than ever!

It is hard to believe how quickly our relationship grew and I hope we will be together for many months to come.

I love you,

[Your name]

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