Sample Fraudulent Transaction Letter

December 27, 2016
Jess Elizalde Pantig
Karuhatan Valensuella , Metro Manila
Complaint Department

Elastic Inc.
Dimahanap St., San Francisco, CA

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am writing to dispute fraudulent (debit or charge) as seen on my account. The amount is $_____. I believe that I am a victim of an identity theft. I did not make any of these (charges or debit), nor I authorized someone to act on my own behalf. I would like to request that the (money charged be removed/the particular debit reinstated), and that any other charges and finances related to the dubious amount be credited. I would also like to obtain an accurate statement of account.

Attached to this letter are the copies (If you have any attached information like legal or police report, you have to use this sentence) supporting my dispute. Please take time to investigate this concern, and correct all fraudulent (debit or charge) as soon as possible. It would be appreciated if you take a time to respond to this letter in writing.

I would wait for this particular problem to be resolved and have an unrelenting patronage of your services. Thank you very for your assistance.

Juan Dela Cruz

*Make sure to include all the relevant copies of files to support your claim.

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