Sample Letters for Change of Address Awaiting Refund

Sample Letter # 1


Good Day,

Your correspondence to us dated ______________ states that I will receive my refund for my unconsumed portion of my prorated covered insurance provided under the referenced insurance policy.

As of date, I have not received my expected check. Considering that I transferred home, I think that this check went to a different address.

Can you please help me determine if the check is mailed already? If not yet, I will appreciate your help to authorize someone to send it to my exact address stated above.

Again, thank you very for your assistance to this kind of matter.



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (name)

Your mail dated (state date) indicated that your office would send me a check for my refund about the unused percentage of my insurance coverage as detailed on the agreed policy.

As of today, there is no check delivered to me and since we have moved from a different state, my concern is that my refund check may have been delivered to the old address.

Would you please help me trace if the check has been mailed? If not, it will be a great privilege if you will be authorizing your representative to send the check to my latest address (state address).

As always, thank you in advance for your assistance.



Sample Letter # 3


Dear (name),

The latest correspondence of your office has indicated that I will be expecting a refund on _____________. This is for my unused portion of allocated insurance that you provided me under the above agreed policy.

Unfortunately, I have not received the check yet as of this date. Since my family and I moved few months ago, I am asking your help to please verify the address you utilized when sending the check.

In case it was sent to the wrong address, can you help me on this matter? If not, I would thank you if one of your agents will contact me and send the check to my detailed address below:




Sincerely yours,

(Name of sender)




Sample Letter # 4


To Whom It May Concern,

upon checking your correspondence, which I received last (date) indicated that you will send me a refund for my unutilized portion of my prorated insurance coverage plan.

As of this moment, I have not received the refund check. I am somehow concerned that my expected check might have been sent to a different address because we move out already.

Please let me know in case a refund check has been mailed for me.

If not, it would be great if you can authorize someone from your company to please send it to my new address that I indicated above.

I am hoping for your kind consideration and thank you.


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