Sample Promissory Note Letters

Sample Letter # 1




The amount of $ ________________20____________after date (without grace), I am promising to pay back to the order of ______________________________________________Net_________________________________________________DOLLARS for the total value I received with added interest rate of ___________ % per __________from __________________________ until I paid both the principal and the interest rate payable in the LAWFUL MONEY OF THE UNITED STATES only.

Payable at _____________________________________

No# ________ Due date____________ __________________________

(Authorized signature)




Sample Letter # 2





After my grace period lapses on (date), I promise your good company that I will pay to your order of payment______________________________________________with Net $_________________________________________________ for the exact value received. The total payable amount includes the rates of interest___________ percent per __________from the amount__________________________ until paid both loaned value and interest under the implemented LAWFUL MONEY OF THE UNITED STATES.

Payable in complete amount on_____________________________________

Account # ________ Due ____________ __________________________

(Signature over printed name of client)


Sample Letter # 3



The value of $ ________________ payable without grace on_____________ already become overdue and I promise to pay the complete order amount of ______________________________________________Net_________________________________________________DOLLARS, which is the value received with computed interest of ___________ percent per ______________ until such paid both the total principal and interest payable under the applied LAWFUL MONEY OF THE UNITED STATES.

Promise to pay on _____________________________________

Due date____________ and surcharges__________________________

(Name of borrower)