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Sample Announcement of Change Address

Sample 1:


Name of Sender
Current Address of Sender
City, State


Name of Bank, Utility Company or other
City, State

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is made to inform you that I will be changing my address and I am moving to a new residence on [Date]. I would like to request my address to be changed on your records and send any communications and bills on my new address.

This is the full details of my current address.

[NEW Address]

I would also like to request that you send me a confirmation that my address was already changed on your records. You can send me an email at [Your Email] or you can call me on the following contact numbers [Your Contact Number].

Thank you attending to my concerns.

[Signature over Printed Name]



Sample 2:



Dear Customer:

We would like to inform you that our business operations will be relocated at [NEW Address] on [DATE of Relocation]. After the relocation, we will be having some discounts and freebies to commemorate a bigger place of business.

The new location provides us with a bigger place and we can accommodate more customers on this new location together with a bigger parking space. Our phone numbers remained unchanged and we are easy to find. We attached a small map on the new location of your business.

We are hoping to see you on our opening day.

Sincerely yours,

[Name of Business Owner]



Sample 3:



Dear valued customer:

On [DATE], [Name of Company] will be relocating in our new office and warehouse building located at [NEW Address]. The telephone number will still remain unchanged so if you want to have a more detailed explanation on where our new business will be, you can call us at [Contact Number].

We had to transfer to a new location because our business is starting to expand. Our former office at [OLD Address] is too small to accommodate the expansion that we are planning. We have already finished everything on the new address and the only thing needed is the actual relocation of other important machineries.

Thank you for your continuous support and we are expecting you on our opening day.


[Name of Owner]
[Name of Company]

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