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Welcome to Sample Letters

A beautifully crafted letter can open doors, bring in new business, save a friendship or help to receive a refund for shoddy goods amongst many other possible outcomes. However when your task is to write a letter, you sit there looking at the blank page and wonder where to start, like an artist deciding on their first brush stroke – it’s a very intimidating process. Writing a business letter

Luckily that’s where Sample Letters comes in. We want you to write the best letter possible no matter under what circumstances and so to help you we have collated our collection of letters into useful categories including business letters, consumer letters and even love letters, for you to browse through or just use the search facility if you have a specific letter in mind.

The art of letter writing is sadly dying out, yet it is an absolute necessity in the workplace and a very desirable skill in your own personal life. Even if you don’t write and print letters, you can use the same content in an email.

When you have written your letter and you go to print it out, depending on the circumstances, make sure you print it on good quality paper and use a nice envelope as this will make a much better impression than cheap paper and a brown envelope. We all know where letters in brown envelopes end up – usually never having been opened! Don’t let that happen to yours.