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Dear Mr. /Miss. (full name here)

I would like to thank you for spending a little time to accept and read our ID printing business proposal for (name of school, business or company here). I believe that providing the best ID cards for the (input here if students, senior citizens or employees) is one of the most important factors you consider to keep track of them effectively.

On this matter, I would like to propose an effective and affordable solution that will minimize your in-house loads in completing the process of your identification (ID) cards.

Our company aims to become one of the most trusted service providers when it comes to providing quality and technological ID systems for schools, companies, businesses, government firms and more. We specialize in producing the best ID cards printing that assure the latest security features, accurate data and highest confidentiality level of all the users through our professional service.

Should you need us to discuss the actual cost, necessary information or ask important questions about our business proposal, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. I would be glad to visit your good office on time and discuss everything about our customized ID printing service that can definitely benefit your (input here if school, business or company).

We can adjust the cost depending on your needs and explain further once you schedule a date for us to visit your office.

I look forward to discussing this very interesting project with you personally in a more detailed manner. Please give me a call anytime at (phone number here) or send me a quick email at (email here) and I will be available for you.


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