Cover Letter Format

[Date here]

[Complete name of person/recipient]

[Company’s address]

Dear [Contact person for the available position],

Good day, I would like to express my sincere interest for [available position here] as published through [company’s name]. I am interested because my personal skills and educational attainment fits well for the exact requirements.

At present, I am working as [current position] at [company’s name] for about [length of employment]. Being a hard working employee in my position, I was able to improve my knowledge and skills in handling different tasks on various levels.

Below are some of my past recognitions and achievements:

  • [Details here]
  • [Details here]
  • [Details here]

(Important note: details must be relevant to the available position)

If you choose to interview me, I am always ready at your convenience to discuss things personally and I am very interested to this kind of opportunity.

Thank you very much and I look forward to meeting you.



[Complete name here]


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