Customer Not Home for Service Appointment

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (name)

On (state the date), our serviceman visited your house to install your purchased new (item here) and found nobody at home upon his visit. This is actually the agreed date for the installation, yet we believe that unexpected things like this one can manifest and so we understand that.

Our office would really appreciate if you will contact us at (telephone number) or email us at (email address), so that we can reschedule his visit.

Please do communicate with us to arrange the date on your convenient time.

Thank you very much



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (last name),

Our technician came to your house last (date here) to fix your (state equipment or machine), but found out that there is no one around to entertain him. He came to your home one the date that you arranged an appointment to repair your (state equipment or machine) and reported us this unwanted cancelled transaction.

If you want to set a different date, please call me at the same number I gave you, so we he can come back at the most convenient schedule when you are available.



Sample Letter # 3


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) last name,

On (date), our company’s repairman went to your home as stated on your address to install your purchased (state product). Unfortunately, they found out that your house is locked and no one is answering.

This is the exact date that you arranged with our repairman for the installation, but such unavailability happens all the time and we understand that.

For our repairman to revisit your home, we would truly appreciate it if you will give us a call at (telephone). By doing this, we can rearrange the schedule for the most convenient time to install your (product).

We will anticipate your respond thank you.



Sample Letter # 4


Dear (name)

The repair team of our company who were supposed to setup your acquired (product) came to your home, but no one is available. They came of the exact date, which you arranged to our company for the complete installation. Of course, we understand your situation and we are willing to install your (product) if you communicate with us and reschedule the visit of our repair team.

If you acknowledged this letter, please do call us at (phone number) as soon as possible, so that we can set the best to complete the installation.


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