Offer of Assistance to a Family for a Sick Employee

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (name of recipient)

We would like to inform you that everyone here at (name of company) felt sad after learning that (name of employee) is ill for the past few days.

Of course, we understand that this situation manifest without any warning and while the expected proceeds from the insurance coverage policy defrays a certain amount of the total medical costs, we know that you need additional cash assistance to overcome this difficult time in life.

Please do not ever hesitate to contact us in case you need our financial assistance. We always consider (title – Mr./Ms./Mrs.)(name of employee)as one of the most valuable workers in this company and (he/she) is a fine individual and we will appreciate if you let (him or her) know that we are here praying for (his or her) fast recovery.

Likewise, we will have you in following up the proceeds on the best we can.



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Last name)

All of us here at (name of company) were saddened to hear about the health condition of (name of employees). We know that whenever a tough situation in life is occurring without expectation, it is really difficult to spend for the medical expenses even while anticipating for the available proceeds from the company coming from the policy insurance coverage of a particular employee like (name or nickname of the employee).

On this, we want you to stay connected with us if you need any assistance from our company in this kind of situation. Remember that we are considering (name of employee) as one of our most reliable officemates and so being a nice person, we are hoping that (he or she) can overcome (his or her) illness as soon as possible.

Please tell (him or her) that we are always here to pray.



Sample Letter # 3


Good Day,

majority of us at (name of firm) are feeling the sadness of knowing that one of our trusted employees is sick at the moment.

We understand that (name of employee) became without any warning and although the proceeds will be available for (him or her) anytime from the provider of insurance coverage that can settle a substantial amount of the overall costs of the medical bills, (he or she) may still need additional money to spend while expecting for the proceeds and other financial assistance.

In an effort to help you, we want you to communicate with us if ever you need our help in this condition. We know that (name of employee) is a valuable worker and please let (nickname) know that we are all thinking and praying for (him or her).


We all hope for (his or her) fast recovery.



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