Good faith marriage affidavit sample letter

A good faith affidavit letter is simply a letter to show that, in your opinion, and to the best of your knowledge, the applicant’s marriage has been entered into in ‘good faith’ and is genuine, not a bogus relationship for some other reason or gain.

Being asked to provide an affidavit letter testifying how well you understand a couple’s marriage can be daunting, however as long as you are honest and add as much information as possible showing from your point of view, that this is indeed a committed relationship, then it is quite straightforward.

A marriage affidavit letter should contain the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Date and place of your birth
  3. Your current address in full
  4. Your relationship with the applicant and their spouse
  5. How your relationship began, including
    • How long you’ve known them
    • Where or how you met them
    • How often you see them
  6. Date
  7. Your signature

Remember your letter is to help the couple prove that they have a genuine relationship so you should give personal experiences to show why you believe this is true.

The following template letter should be adjusted to include those personal experiences.

It is best if it is typewritten not written by hand but should be signed by you.

Marriage affidavit letter by friends or family – sample 1

Your full address


To whom it may concern,

My name is [full name] and I was born on [date] in [place of birth].

I have known [husband’s name] and [wife’s name] for [period of time] as a [state relationship – personal friend, relative, doctor, work colleague etc].

(This is where you now give your personal experiences of, and with the couple)

Example 1 – I first met [name] when he started work at [business] [length of time ago], and we became good friends. We started socialising weekly at a local tennis club as we are both keen players. His wife [name] would also come along and made friends with my wife. They would sometimes shop together while we played.

They have always seemed close as a couple and they share a flat in [place] which I have been to twice, along with my wife.

Example 2 – I have known [name] for [time frame] as a member of our church/mosque which they attend regularly every [Sunday/Friday]. His wife also attends prayers/service [how often?] and they always arrive and leave together. Although not a personal friend, they appear to me, to have a happy, loving relationship.

Example 3 – I went to school with [name] from the age of five and we are now both [age]. She and I are very good friends. She met [name] when on an extended holiday in India with family members. From what she said, it was love at first sight and since then they spent several holidays together both here and in India. [Name] moved to our town and they married [how long ago]. As a personal friend of [name] I have been to visit them as a couple many times and can vouch for their relationship as being a loving and genuine one.

“I swear, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.”

[Your Name]


For more in depth information on writing a l-751 affidavit letter, visit the Citizen Path website

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