Employee termination letter sample

Choose one of the following employee termination letter samples which can be sent under the following circumstances:

As a general rule an employee must have received a series of warnings before being dismissed, as laid out in the Company Handbook and Contract Of Employment which the employee will have been given on commencement with the company.

Once these avenues have been explored, the employee can be dismissed by giving them a suitable notice period.

The only exception is for gross misconduct where the employee can be fired on the spot. This would be for serious breaches of conduct such as stealing.

Here are four examples of emails or letters giving an employee notice of the termination of their employment.

Employee Termination Letter Sample (with one month’s notice) – Sample 1

Dear [Name]

I/we confirm that you [have agreed to / you will] leave the company on [date], which is one month from the date of this letter.

This follows my warning letters about your unsatisfactory performance dated [first letter date] and [second letter date]. Despite these warnings your behaviour has not improved and unfortunately since the last letter two more instances of [smoking / rudeness to customer etc] have been reported, which left me with no option but to dismiss you from the company.

I/we do wish you well in the future and if during the month’s notice period you find alternative employment I/we will of course allow you to leave before this date.

You will receive your final salary deposited into your bank on the usual [last Friday of the month / 28th of month etc].

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]
[Your position]

Employee Termination Letter – Sample 2

[business name]
[business address]


[employee name]
[Job Title]

Dear [employee name],

Following your disciplinary hearing of [Date], this letter is confirmation of your termination of employment with [business name]. This termination will take effect on [Date].

As discussed at your disciplinary hearing, your termination is the result of misconduct and discriminatory behaviour of which you were notified in writing on [Date], [Date] and [Date]. Following each of these notifications you chose not to respond to allegations nor to enrol in any of the sponsored sensitivity seminars as offered by [Organisation]. Warnings were issued as a result of each of these incidents, on [Date], [Date] and [Date] and you did not respond to any of these warnings.

At this time you are required to write a final report on your work with each client. Please bring these reports with you at a meeting with [Person or Job Title] on [Date] at [Time]. At this meeting you will be briefed on your duties prior to termination, details finalising your pay, holidays and pension and your options for appealing this termination. Notes of this meeting will be taken and forwarded to you immediately.

Please contact me at [Telephone or Email Address] to confirm receipt of this letter and attendance on [Date] at [Time].

Yours sincerely,
[Job Title]

Employee termination letter – (with immediate effect) – sample 3

Dear [employee name],

Your employment with us is terminated, effective immediately.

As per your employment agreement, you will receive all of the following:

A last paycheck; Any outstanding vacation days owed to you that may have accrued over the course of your employment with us; and your final pay check will include any earned but unpaid bonuses for which we are contractually obligated.

We wish you well in finding a new job opportunity elsewhere.

Kind regards,

Signed by [authorized representative]

[your company name]

Employee Termination Letter (with immdediate effect) – Sample 4

Dear [Name]

I/we confirm that you are dismissed from the company with immediate effect following [describe incident – stealing / violence etc]. This action follows my warning letters dated [date of letter 1] and [date of letter 2] about your unsatisfactory conduct.

You will receive one week’s salary in lieu of notice deposited into your bank on the usual [last Friday of the month / 28th of month etc].

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name]
[Your position]

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