Sample letters for notice of unsatisfactory performance

Formal letters about unsatisfactory performance should not be sent out of the blue to an employee. It is best practice to have a meeting with them as soon as any problems are identified so that they are given an opportunity to correct their behaviour. If this does not happen, then and only then should you send a letter outlining what was discussed in the recent meeting and explaining what will happen in the future without any changes on their part.

Ultimately you may have to dismiss an employee and if so you can use this letter terminating their employment.

Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 1


To: [Name of Employee]

After our meeting on [date] this letter is to confirm the issues we discussed in relation to your unstatisfactory performance in your position as [position title] in the company.

We now expect and require that the following improvements will take place with immediate effect.

[State necessary improvements e.g arrival on time every day, not using mobile phone on the shop floor]

Your performance will be reviewed again on [date].

We would like to support you during this time so please contact [name of person] should you have any difficulties with these requirements.

Yours sincerely,



Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 2


To: [Name of Employee]

I am disappointed that we had to have a formal meeting regarding your [conduct/performance] at work. Your Contract of Employment clearly states the standards we expect from our employees and so far you have fallen short in the following areas as discussed:

[list areas of concern here]

It is extremely important that we see improvements within the next [timescale] or we will have no option but to consider terminating your employment with us. I have arranged that [named employee] will spend time with you overseeing your [conduct/performance] directly, so please make use of their expertise and liaise with them directly if you have any queries about what is expected of you on a daily basis.

We will have a follow up meeting on the [date] with you and [named employee] will also attend to give their feedback.

I hope you will take this matter seriously as I am sure you have the capability to be a valued member of the team if you really want to.

I look forward to hearing of your progress at our next meeting.

[your name]

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