Sample Letters for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance

Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 1


To: [Name of Employee]

After our meeting on [date] this letter is to confirm the issues we discussed in relation to your unstaisfactory performance in your position as [position title] in the company.

We now expect and require that the following improvements will take place with immediate effect.

[State necessary improvements e.g arrival on time every day, not using mobile phone on the shop floor]

Your performance will be reviewed again on [date].

We would like to support you during this time so please contact [name of person] should you have any difficulties with these requirements.

Yours sincerely,




Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 2


Re: Unsatisfactory Work Performance

To: (Full name of employee)

Right after we concluded our meeting with the department head, we confirmed to a certain extent that your work performance is unsatisfactory.


On this regard, we want you to improve and we expect this as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience on your part.


Again, we look forward for a better performance and not to repeat the same concern.


Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 3


To: (Recipient of the letter)

The latest meeting that involves the evaluation of the employees shows that you are one of those who have dissatisfying performance in completing your tasks. We are requiring you to improve your performance and we expect that in the future, you can perform for the following tasks effectively:

(detail important tasks here)

Although you are encountering this issue now, we are still confident that you can overcome this problem on time.


Sincerely Yours,

(Authorized representative)


Letter for Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance – Sample 4Th


To: (Employee)

Your performance lately had been a little frustrating after we evaluate your works. Despite of your unsatisfactory performance, we still expect that you shall improve on every aspect you handle to avoid any kind of move that can terminate you.

With this, your superior has every confidence about resolving the problem on time.



Thank you for listening to us.