Sample Letters for Termination of Employment

Sample Letter # 1




To: (Name of Employee)


We are sorry to inform you that your current employment with us shall be effectively terminated on [state date] due to the following reason(s)below:

[State reason(s)here]

In accordance to our guidelines, you will receive your severance payments from our company. On this, we want you to have a better plan the coming years and advising you that we will discontinue paying for your insurance shall the termination of your employment take effects.

Please do arrange any return you have that belongs to the company that is currently under your possession.

Again, we apologize for this particular action but it is necessary.


Very truly,



Sample Letter # 2



Date: _

To: _ (Employee’s name)


We feel sorry about informing you that the board decided to terminate your employment with the organization on _, 20_. The reasons for the termination are the following:


Under the rules of (name of organization), you will get separation payment that is intended for you. We want to advise you to set a better plan for your future and wishing you all the best.

With regards to any possessions you have that the organization owns, please return them before your termination deadline.

Once more, we feel sorry for this decision.


Respectfully Yours,

(name of signatory)



Sample Letter # 3




To: (Employee)



We apologize for sending you this termination letter that ends your employment with us until (date) for the following ground(s):

(Detail the grounds in bulleted form)

The company will release your severance payments in accordance with implemented policy. We hope you for the best in the coming years and please be reminded that insurance shall not be handled by the company once you termination becomes effective.

Please make sure that you settle all the important returns from company, if any.

Thank you very much for working with us and we regret for this necessary action.

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