Sample Letters for Return Authorization

Sample Letter # 1

Dear (Sir/Madam)

Your sent letter dated (state date) in which you are describing to us the exact condition of the (state bought item) you purchased from us had been

caught our attention right away. On this matter, we want to sorry for the damaged merchandise.

Please kindly return us the damaged items by making sure that you place back the original carton inside a slight larger box. Likewise, you need to attach a copy of your letter on the outside of the actual package to us.

Upon our receipt of the items, we will quickly send you the replacement and your reimbursement check for any extra expenditure for the shipment.

We are very sorry for this kind of inconvenience, but we must follow the exact procedure for the insurance purpose too.

Again, thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)

We already received the letter on (state date) wherein you described the actual condition of the ordered (state item) from us. We apologize for the damage issue and this brought my sincere attention to settle the problem with care.

We want you to please return the ordered item with damage to us and use the original box when sending it. Likewise, make sure to include one copy of your return letter on the package.

We assure you that once we receive the merchandise, we will immediately replace it and be delivered in your place on time.

Please understand that we follow certain procedure when replacing any damaged item and we are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced.

Thank you,

(Authorized representative)


Sample Letter # 3


To: (name of client)

Contact #: (here)

Our company received your letter on (date) about the damaged condition of the (state item), which you ordered last (state ordered date) that sincerely caught my attention. We would like to say sorry for your ordered item that has some damaged issues.

When returning the damaged goods to our company, you need to use the original box and insert a copy of the receipt from us.

As soon as received the complete package of the returned merchandise, we will instantly make an action to ship the replacement and a check for any reimbursement you have from us.

Our company feels sorry for this kind of trouble, but we certainly replace damaged goods under our guided procedure.

Again, thank you for understanding us and please continue buying from our goods.


Respectfully Yours,

(Signature over printed name)


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