Sample cover letter for job application

A cover letter is used to accompany an application form for a job. It is written to enhance your application by adding information that could not be mentioned anywhere else. Use it as an opportunity to show you know about the company and what the job entails. This allows the company to tell immediately that you are someone with a genuine interest in the job and the skills to carry it out.

This sample cover letter is one I wrote myself and helped me get an interview and ultimately the job!

This is not a time to be modest. Make sure you tell them why you should be considered for the job, but make sure you are factual and not boastful. As long as everything you say can be fact-checked, it’s fine.

Remember that you should ONLY mention experiences that are relevant to the job your are applying for. They will not be interested in your Summer holiday job picking strawberries if you’re applying for a job as a receptionist. However if the job says they need someone who is prepared to work long hours, then of course you can mention that you worked from dawn to dusk when you were strawberry picking.

Inside the brackets is the information specific to the job I applied for, you can replace this with your own. I have shown you where to insert your relevant details.

Cover letter for job application – sample 1

Dear Sir,

I would be pleased if you would consider me for the [Global Web Content Co-ordinator] position currently advertised [on your website / in name of publication].

Having worked within the [IT, website field for over 10 years and social media for the last 6], I have developed a wide range of skills that would meet, and exceed the expectations for the role.

During my career I have had many achievements, including [building my own website from scratch to where it achieved over 3 million page views per month, and increasing the page views of my two most recent employer’s website by 30% year on year] and as your website has amazing growth potential I would enjoy helping it reach its’ potential.

I have extensive [CMS experience and have trained and supported 150 staff at the council to use their bespoke version]. I am also an expert in [WordPress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple and have a working knowledge of many others].

[The following sentence you can use as-is!]

I am flexible, enjoy a challenge and can work to deadlines whilst retaining a sense of humour! I’m always mindful of the fact that the most important people to please are the end-users. I believe it’s essential that services are delivered to the highest standards possible and that customers are treated in a way that not just satisfies, but delights them.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

[Your Name]

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