Sample letter of complaint to carrier for non delivery of goods

When you make arrangements to deliver goods to a customer, it is best to choose a reliable delivery / courier company and purchase their delivery insurance at the same time. This usually adds very little to the total cost but adds peace of mind, because  if for any reason, the parcel is lost or damaged you can make a claim for compensation to the delivery company whose responsibility it is to ensure the safe delivery of your parcel.

You will have been given tracking details or a consignment number to identify the parcel/s so make sure you reference that in your letter/email.

More often than not the delivery company /courier will have a website where you can enter details of the missing parcel, but if not, you can use the folowing sample letter to complain.

Letter of complaint to a delivery company for non-delivery of goods – sample 1

[Carrier’s business name]

Re: [Order/Consignment/Parcel no 123456]

Dear Sir/Madam,

We would like to report that the above [order/consignment/parcel] collected from [address] on [date] has not yet arrived at the delivery address of:


This consignment should have reached there on [date] according to our contract with you.

These items are needed urgently so we must ask you to make swift enquiries as to their whereabouts, let us know the reason for the delay and when the delivery will be made.

As per your contract we will be seeking compensation for the delay in delivery, the date of which was guaranteed when we made payment.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your name]
[Your title/position]
[Phone number]

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