Sample letter to close an account

Sample letter to close an account

Sample letter to close an accountA letter requesting an account closure can be sent to a bank, credit card company, utility company (gas, electric, cable television, etc) or any other company at which you had previously opened an account. Usually telephoning the company and requesting an account closure can start the process, but you will almost always be asked to send your request in writing as well.

The letter should be simple and to the point. You just need to include:

  1. The account name
  2. The account number
  3. When you want the cancellation to take effect from (that may not always be up to you though)

Letter to close a current account – sample 1

[Your name

Company Name



Dear Sir/Madam

Further to our telephone conversation on [date and time] I would like to confirm that I wish for my [savings, telephone, current, electricity] account, number [123-45-678], be closed. This account is in my full name, [your name].

(Optional sentence) I further wish for the outstanding balance of this account, [amount] to be transferred to my current account, number [987-654-321], also in the name [your name].

I will be confirming on [date] via my [online banking facility/app] that both the closure and the transfer have taken place. Should there be any problems with either action please let me know as soon as possible on [Telephone Number]. If I find that these actions have not occurred as directed I will be in touch with you directly.

Kind Regards,

[your name]

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