Sample Letters for Acceptance of Resignation

Sample Letter # 1

Dear (name of person who resigned)


It was really a deep regret on accepting your letter of resignation as a good(position) who worked for (name of organization).

Anyway, we appreciate the exact demands that this kind of position has placed on your behalf. We truly appreciate all of your remarkable contributions while serving as a dependable (position).

We also want to wish you luck on your future endeavor.


Sincerely Yours,

(Name of in-charge person)


Sample Letter # 2

Dear (name),


Although it will be a deep regret to accept your resignation, we want accept the letter and truly acknowledge your performance with our (company) as (position) for almost (years of work).

We would like to thank you also for your hard work and accept the demands that your new position will place on you. Likewise, we appreciate all of the best contributions you provided us being our (position) in our company.


Thank You,

(name of sender)


Sample Letter # 3



We all know that it will be difficult for us to easily accept your letter of resignation, we understand your reason in tendering it as (position) of our company.

We believe that your demands for your upcoming position can help you improve better, and we appreciate all your efforts and contributions as (position) for (name of company).

Again, thank you very much for being part of the company.


Best regards,

(name of representative)



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