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Sample Letters for Announcement of New Shipment Arrival

Sample Letter # 1

Dear (complete name)


Our latest shipment from (name of country) has already been unloaded, shipped, inspected and now ready for final review.

Certainly, we appreciate some of the marvelous pieces and believe me when I tell you that the container is jammed pack, it was really loaded.

We want to welcome you to visit us, search for the items you need, purchase if you like them and please join us while drinking our special black coffee.


Of course, we believe that you won’t be sorry for our invitation! See you soon.


Sample Letter # 2

Dear (name),

The expected new shipment from our company direct from (country) has been shipped, unloaded and segregated. We say that the items are now ready for your own review.

We want to tell you that we checked the items with care and they are remarkable pieces. Believe me; you will definitely appreciate the loads from the container because it is full and convincing.

We are welcoming you to come and search for the best products you decide to buy. Of course, you can join us in enjoying a cup of your favorite espresso too.


We believe that you’ll appreciate our products so please do come!


Thank you in advance


Sample Letter # 3


Our good office want to inform you about the new shipment we received from (place) and has been unloaded already, dusted and we prepared the container for your own review.

We truly found some of the items as marvelous choices that can meet your satisfaction and believe me; the container is full of quality products.

We welcome you to visit us, review and buy the products you like. Of course, we can as well spend time for a cup of espresso before you leave us.


Sample Letter # 4

Dear (name of recipient)

We would like to inform you that the new set or shipment imported from (place or country) arrived last night and already been unloaded this morning. The delivered goods are dusted well and now ready for our clients to check them.

As we consider you as one of our valued clients, we remind you that if you visit our company to check the container, the available goods are truly satisfying and when I say they satisfying, that means you will benefit from what you choose to buy.

If you made a decision to visit our location, we welcome you in advance for accepting our invitation.


Remember, buy with us and enjoy the best items we offer you!


Sample Letter # 5

Dear (name),

Our newest shipped items from (country) were delivered this morning, verified and we are now ready for the final review of our customers.

We want to inform you that upon checking them, we found them truly marvelous products and our container is full of the best items that we believe can satisfy you.

If you are available today, please do visit us and choose the items you want by joining us while servicing you delectable goodies.


Again, thank you very much.



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