Sample Letters of Commendation

Sample Letter # 1


We requested for your commendation for your incorrect handling the caused an unfortunate incident, which led to the removal of (Product Name) from the list of the market.

While all the submitted reports we reviewed indicated that there is still no realistic proof that the removal of (Product Name) may have caused in its present condition, the real fact that you decided quickly just shows that your initial concern involves the health of the general public.

As a truthful consumer, we would like to express our genuine appreciation for the integrity you showed us.

Again, we commend you for the kind manner you showed in handling such incident.


Thank You


Sample Letter # 2

Good Day,

Our company is planning to commend you for such good manner after you controlled un unwanted incident leading to the actual removal of (Product Name).

Although the submitted reports that we evaluated during the process all indicated that we never found any definite evidence that removing (Product Name) may triggered in her current standing, the mere fact you acted quickly to shows your genuine intention about your initial concern for the health of the public is already commending.

As a valuable consumer, our company wants to express our truthful appreciation because you showed us remarkable honesty and for that reason, we recognize you sincerely for your positive behavior through handling this unwanted occurrence.


 Sample Letter # 3



We would like to inform you about our decision to commend you for this manner after you managed an regrettable incident that caused to the removing of (Product Name) from the market industry.

Even though the records I received may all indicate that we did not find constructive proof that the removal of (Product Name) might result in keeping its positive condition, your quick action truly showed that you have the best concern for the wellness of many other consumers.

As one of our valued clients, our good office wishes to thank your remarkable truthfulness and again, we are commending you showing an impressive manner to this particular incident.

We really appreciate your effort.