Sample Letters for New Employee Welcome

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Name)

It is really with great pleasure that our company is welcoming you as one of our new employees to join (name of company). We are very pleased that you accept our remarkable employment offer for you and we hope that this will be the start of a mutual beneficial relationship.

We are encouraging our employees to take advantage of the available selected courses in this vicinity, which can greatly help them in improving their overall skills and reveal new related skills as well.

If you want to check these courses and their equivalent dates of registration, you can reveal the list on our employee’s bulletin board for personal review. If ever you decide to consider one of these offered courses, please inform your manager for the necessary documents and arrangements.

Again, we welcome you (name of new employee) to (name of company)


Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Mr./Ms.) last name,

Our company is pleased to welcome you as a new member of the (name of business/company). As head of the staff, I am very happy to tell you that we are thankful that you chose to accept an employment from us. We really hope that this is the exact beginning of our mutually advantageous connection.

As part of our continuing development, we encourage our valued personnel to review the provided courses that we offer in this company. We believe to help our personnel improve their individual skills, they need to discover these courses and help them learn new strategies related in this business.

To determine the corresponding registration periods, these are listed on the bulletin board for our employees that you can review personally.

In case you made a decision to attend one of these provided courses, please communicate with your office manager because this person is responsible for the necessary requirements.

As I said awhile ago, we welcome you as a new member of (name of business/company).


Sample Letter # 3


Dear (Full Name)

As a new employee of (name of company/organization) we have the best pleasure in welcoming you as our newly installed (position). As head of the company, I am very happy that you accepted our offer to work with us in building a fresh relationship with mutual understanding.

To keep our workers updated and skillful, we always encourage them to benefit from our selected training lessons that are only exclusive from us. If you want to improve your own skills and learn new relevant skills, you can choose from these lessons that we listed on the HRM bulletin board for proper evaluation.

As a new employee, you have the chance to enjoy these lessons if your superior granted you the approval. Once more, we sincerely welcome you as one of our new (state position).

Thank you for choosing us!





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