Sample Letters for Apology to Customer for Accounting Error

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Name)

Thank you for your latest mail about your personal account number ____________. Our office was able to trace the stated error and we have appropriately credited your account. Likewise, a report to this kind of effect has been forwarded to our responsible credit reporting team.

As of today, your personal account balance remains at $_____________.

Because we consider you as one of our valued customers, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that disappointed you somehow. If ever you need further assistance from us, please do not hesitate to contact this office to help you.



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Name of recipient)

We would like to thank you for the recent email you sent our company regarding your account number #____________. As of this date, we track down the mistakes and already credited your account for that reason.

An initial report to this kind of concern has been sent to our reporting team and as of now, you still have $_____________ on your account.

Being a valuable customer to our company, we feel sorry apologize the mistakes and the mix up that caused you. In case you have additional questions for us, please contact us through (email address) or call us at (phone number).

Thank you very much again.



Sample Letter # 3


Dear (name)

First of all, we want to thank you for your recent mail about your active account number with us #____________. After checking it thoroughly, we determined the error already and recognized your account in view of that mistake. To make everything clear, our credit report evaluator by now is reviewing your letter to avoid any unnecessary issue.

As of this date, the available balance on your account is $_____________.

Again, we want to apologize for the inconvenience is caused you for the mistake. For further assistance from us, please contact us immediately and we are willing to provide you the best solution.



Sample Letter # 4



Thank you for the recent letter you forwarded us about your active account with number #____________. We were able to find out the real error and we decided to credit your account correspondingly.

Also, a copy of the report to this effect has been emailed to our team that handles the credit reporting. To date, the total amount of your account balance is still $_____________.


As we consider you a valuable customer, we sincerely apologize for the unwanted inconvenience that nearly broke our relationship.

If you need any assistance, please make sure to contact us at our office at your


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