Sample Apology for Delay of Refund

When you discover a mistake, it’s best to make an apology admitting liability and then put it right as soon as possible. Telling a customer why the refund was delayed allows them to see that they weren’t deliberately ignored and hopefully will help retain them as a customer in the future.

Letter apologising for a delay in a refund – Sample 1:

[Name of Company]


Dear [Name of Recipient],

We are very sorry for the delay in refunding you for [item/invoice etc] that should have been issued last week. This has been the result of a [new computer system / a lost memo / key member of staff on annual leave etc]. We are currently in the process of issuing your refund now and depending on bank timescales it should reach your account within the next 48 hours if not sooner.

Please understand that this issue has fallen below the standards of service we expect from ourselves and can only apologise once again for this unacceptable situation.

We thank you for your patience and hope we can retain your goodwill in future.

Yours Sincerely

[Contact Number]

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