Sample Letters for Friendly Apology for Late Payment

Sample # 1


Dear (name)


We want to inform you that a letter arrived from us few days ago and it was from you. I really want to confess that my obligation to respond you seriously slipped my mind. Of course, I found no proper excuse for this matter and I want to extend my sincere apology and my payment check.

Please accept my apology and great regards so that all becomes well. I am very certain to look forward in meeting you again to discuss more ventures.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your great hospitality you showed our (son/daughter) during (his/her) vacation.

I am very sure (name of son/daughter) truly enjoyed the time and will continue to cherish (his/her) friendship with your (son/daughter).



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Mr./Mrs.) last name,
Your personal letter just arrived yesterday and I want to say sorry for neglecting my obligation to pay you on time. Needless to say, I do not consider this as an acceptable excuse and for this matter; I am extending my honest apology. Along with my genuine respond, I attached the check for my late payment.

I am hoping that you will accept my warmest regards and sincere apology for the inconvenience I caused you.

Again, thank you very much for the generosity you had extended to my wife during her stay in your house. I am definitely sure that (name of wife) really enjoyed and will continue sharing good things with your family.



Sincerely yours,

(Complete name)



Sample Letter # 3


Good Day (Mr./Mrs.) complete name,


I received your letter few days ago and I must say that I forgot to respond to you on time because of the unwanted issues that affected my mindset. To show you my sincerity in asking for an apology, I sent you this letter and the payment that you are expecting from me since last week.

Please do not get mad at me and accept my warmest sorry to keep our relation better. My family and I are certainly looking forward to meet you and your family again.

Thank you for the remarkable hospitality and generosity you extended our (grandmother/grandfather) during (his/her) vacation with you.


Again, sorry and hope to hear from you soon after receiving this letter.