Sample Letters for Refund of Duplicate Payment

Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) last name,

Enclosed is a check amounting to (state amount) which represents your refund for an unintentional duplicate remittance for the payment with purpose of (state purpose).

We are very pleased that the department of our bookkeeping discovered this particular overpayment issue quickly.

Thank you very much



Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Complete name),

We enclosed our check with an amount of (amount) that is representing a refund for your unintended duplicate transfer of funds for:

(Details payment purpose)

We are happy to settle this concern to you after our assigned bookkeeper discovered this kind of overpaid transaction.

Truly Yours,



Sample Letter # 3


To whom it may concern;

Together with this letter is a check from our company with an amount of (amount here. This check is actually a refund for your inadvertent/unintentional double remitted payment of (state reason).

Our responsible bookkeeping team discovered such overpayment concern quickly and so we responded to it immediately.

Again, thank you for understanding our part.