Sample Promotional Letters, Private Investigations

Sample Letter # 1



As a legitimate investigative agency that can work anywhere within the United State like in(targeted state), we are offering the most conceivable

service to our valued clients who need researched documents for surveillance purposes.

When talking about our personal expertise, we perform great deal of works through serving legal agencies in a specified area. We will be happy to give you our references in case you need them. We want to tell you that our great experience in giving precise information for various firms truly enabled us to obtain quick and useful results.

Of course, our service fees are very reasonable and we always guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Again, we are one of the most trusted investigative agencies that can deliver effectively and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


Thank You


Sample Letter # 2


To Whom It May Concern,

As a licensed and experience agency in conducting thorough investigation that works anywhere our clients need our service, we provide every possible results from our complete document searches under a strict guided surveillance.

We complete our investigative works on time that already benefited many legal agencies in various areas because they reveal satisfaction after we provide with useful references, which they requested. We have remarkable experience when it comes to providing useful information to our clients just like you. We promise to give you in depth investigating reports and our charges are minimal; thus, guaranteeing you faster results.

(Authorized signatory)

Sample # 3



We are a trusted investigative firm with a legitimate license to perform investigating tasks anywhere in any state we are offer feasible quality services to our novice and valued clients who need precise information and documentation.

If we talk about the companies and organizations that tried our expertise, you will find out that they felt satisfied and happy with our provided information that we believe can also benefit. We promise that you can obtain quicker and comprehensive results. Likewise, our charges or fees are fair and reasonable when hiring our expertise!

In case you need a legitimate investigative agency that delivers quality results, please give us a call and we are happy to serve you.


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