Sample Letters for Repair Estimate

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Mr./Ms.?Mrs.) last name,

The actual cost for repairing your (state machine/equipment) is as follows:




(Add numbers if necessary)

The total parts and labor cost is (state amount)

In addition to the above, the cost of the included Tax is (amount here).

As soon as you give your authorization, our team will immediately proceed to start the agreed repairs and have your ((state machine/equipment) returned to you home after one week of receiving your approval.
Please give us your further instructions.


Thank You


Sample Letter # 2


Dear (complete name)

The overall cost that you need to pay us for the repairing your (item) will include the following:
This means that the total cost of parts and taxes will be _______________.

In addition to the expenses above, we also details the amount of Labor is _____________.

With your provided authorization to start the job, we will quickly proceed to completing the repair on the agreed deadline of (number of days) and we will deliver your fixed (item) within one week after giving us your instructions.

Again, please give us your early response to start right away.


Sample Letter # 3


To: (name of client)

From: (name of company)

After estimating the total repair/replacement cost for your (machine/equipment/item) will include the listed materials:

(Details necessary materials)

We also want to inform you that the total service fee and added tax is (amount here.

Prior to beginning the project, we will wait for your authorization through responding with us to continue the necessary repair/replacement. Afterwards, we set a date to return your (machine/equipment/item) upon receiving your approval.

Again, we will expect your immediate instructions once you received this letter.


Respectfully Yours,

(name of representative)