Sample letters for repair estimate

When a customer asks for a quote to repair something, you can supply just that – an estimate. It is not a legally binding document and you can change the amount if you find there is significantly more work to be done, or parts needed, than you first thought. However it is wise to keep the price as close to your estimate as possible or risk upsetting the customer who has agreed to let you do the work based on your estimated price.

If you discover the increased costs before carrying out much work, then be sure to contact the customer immediately to explain why it will cost more and to ask for their permission to continue.

Letter  estimating the cost of a repair – Sample 1

Dear [customer name]

We have examined your [item] and we estimate the cost for repairing it is as follows:

[list the required work and parts separately]




The total parts and labor cost is (state amount)

In addition to the above,  Tax is (amount here).

As soon as you give your authorization, our team will immediately proceed to start the agreed repairs and have your [item] completed [timescale] after receiving your approval.

Please let us know if you wish us to proceed.

Thank You,

[Your name]
[Your position/title]

Letter  estimating the cost of a repair – Sample 2

Dear [customer name]

Thank you for your repair request. As we specialise in repairing [items], we are pleased to tell you that our estimated cost of repair is only [price]. I’m sure you will agree that this is a very reasonable cost and is a reflection on our specialising in these items. We are able to source parts quickly and indeed have a huge stock of the most common components in our warehouse on site. Our repair personnel are also highly skilled, professional workers who can do a quick and thorough job.

The estimated cost includes parts, labour and tax.

Once you have authorised the repair to go ahead we will endeavour to complete it within [timescale] and will keep you regularly updated as to our progress should any unforeseen delays take place.

Payment for the repair is expected on collection.

We look forward to getting your approval to proceed.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]
[Your title/position]

Letter  estimating the cost of a repair – Sample 3

(*For an instance when you haven’t actually seen the item to be repaired)

To: [name of client]

From: [name of company]

Thank you for asking us for an estimate to repair [item]. As we are unable to examine your [item] directly we have created our estimate based on the information and photos you have sent us.

Your description and photos were thorough so we are confident that we could repair your [item] for the cost of [price] which includes parts, labour and sales tax. We of course do however reserve the right to amend the quote once we have physical contact with the [item].

If our quote is acceptable please [deliver the item to our office /post the item to address / request collection of the item at a cost of]. Once we have received your [item] we aim to have the repair completed within [timescale].

We look forward to your response.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your name]
[Your position/title]

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