Sample Letters for Resubmission of Proposal

Sample Letter # 1

Resubmission of Proposal



Our letter of proposal for (service offered) is submitted to you behalf few days ago. Since we have not received any response from you, we decided to make sure that the letter was delivered to you and caught your attention. On this matter, we enclosed a copy of initial original proposal of service for you to review it.

As you see on the proposal, the exact price quoted is good for (state number of days) right after submitting our bid. Because of this, we sincerely thought that it would be nicer to follow with you and find out if you have any interest in have our service.

We look forward to your response to us and we hope that you give us the opportunity to serve you better even in the near future.

Thank You


Sample Letter # 2


Resubmission of Proposal

To: Name here

Couple of weeks ago, we submitted our proposal for the purpose of (state purpose. Seeing that we have not heard any feedback from you since then, we decided to send this letter to ask if our first letter caught your attention.

In line with our follow up, we attached a copy of the original proposal that we sent your good office for another review.

The detailed price/expenditure is for (state days) after the submission of our proposed bid. Therefore, we believe that it would be wise to send you a resubmission of proposal this time to determine your potential interest.

We are hoping to receive a reply from you and we will appreciate the best chance that you will give us.


Sample Letter # 3


Resubmission of Service Proposal


To: (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)

Our team submitted a proposal for (service) to you some time ago. And since we did not get any answer from you, we want to assure that this resubmitted letter would grab your interest already. To make it clear, we also enclosed a copy of the original

proposal we sent you before and you can review it better.

If you got the chance to review it, you will see the price quoted for completion is good for (number of days) once you approve our proposal.

We are positive that you will answer our letter and we look forward to having the best opportunity to choose our service and experience total satisfaction.


Truly Yours,

(name of representative)

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