Refusal of Offer of Employment

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)

I really appreciative your great offer for a new employment. However, it is very unfortunate that your current offer just arrived when it did because I decided to accept a different position. In case my situation needs changes, I will be quickly in contacting you. On the other hand, I strongly believe that the company I chose to work with could associate great experiences and a fruitful career.

Again, thank you very much for your kind consideration.


Sample Letter # 2


Dear (name of recipient),


It was a pleasure for me to receive this letter about the employment as (state offered position). However, your current job offering just came late, as I had accepted another type of position.

Should I made I decision to consider it; I will immediately contact you and talk things over. Right now, I really believe the firm of which I have chosen can provide me a better career for the coming years.


Thank you very much,

(Name of sender)


Sample Letter # 3


To: (name)

After reading this letter from you, I want to show my appreciative for considering me for a decent employment. It is however very unfortunate that your offer to me has arrived when I already started working from another company. If ever my position
changes, I will promptly communicate with you.

For now, I am enjoying my new job and believe the firm in giving me the best chance to excel in the new field I chose.

I want to thank you (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)(last name) for your time and kind consideration.


Respectfully Yours,

(Name of sender)


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