Sample Letter for Announcement of New Business Opening

Sample Letter # 1



We would like to inform you that (Name of Company) is now serving and is located at (Complete address).

Our valued store is offering a complete and immense line of (state products) both for personal and business usages. Since we are not representing any particular manufacturer, the available products we have are definitely compatible for various usages. Therefore, we are sincere in offering our customers the best and wide range of excellent products to choose.

We enclose a copy for your personal review and we guarantee that the list of these items is currently available and with reasonable prices.

We really hope that you will spare a time to visit our store sooner.

Thank You!



Sample Letter # 2


To Our Valued Customers:

This is to inform everyone that (state name of business) is now open and ready to serve all of you! We are located at (Address) and operating from (state time of operation) from (state days).

Our business offers everyone a complete, reasonable and great variety of (state item) packages, which can be utilized for business or personal application. We actually offer different packages because we do not offer a product from a single manufacturer alone and this really makes us competitive.

On this advantage, our customers can discover various offered excellent product in which are available on the enclosed listing.

We would like to thank everyone in advance and see you all!


Best Regards,

(Authorized representative)




Sample Letter # 3


Good Day,


(Name of Company) is now open to serve you and the store location is at (state complete address). We are open from (state days) and our business hours start from (state time).

To satisfy our valuable clients, we offer them diverse line of quality (state products) that guarantees total customer satisfaction. We do not focus on presenting items from an individual company alone, as we have products that carry different trusted companies worldwide. On this, we assure to offer our valuable customers a wide range of high quality (products).

Attached is the list of our available products for proper review.

Our company knows that you will certainly come and visit our place to shop.


Thank you in advance