Sample Letters for Welcome New Customer

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Sir/Madam)

Thank you very much for your new registered account and for your first purchase of (detail item).

We want to tell you that we are very pleased to have an opportunity to provide you with our high quality products and we are looking forward to long term relationship that flourishes for years.

We are committed to meet satisfaction of our clients and you can see that through their positive comments after receiving their ordered items.

Definitely, we also want you to experience this kind of benefit.

Thank You!


Sample Letter # 2


To: name of client

For ordering a new (state product) from us, we want to sincerely thank you for becoming one of our newest customers.

We want to show you how pleased we are in being able to give you the best product you need after transacting with us. On this, we look forward to build a stronger relation that is continuously growing.

Again, thank you and we hope that you will share any good thought from our company to other people.


Sample Letter # 3


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) last name,

We are very thankful that you are now one of our newly treasured account holders who can enjoy our different quality products such as (detail available products if possible).

We want to tell you that we always provide the best and high quality products to our customers, which enable us to connect with them better.

Thank you very much for being part of our developing business and we promise you customer satisfaction at all time.


Respectfully Yours,

(Name of signatory)

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