Sample Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License

Sample Letter # 1

To: (name)
Date: (here)

Our latest record shows that your own driver’s license needs immediate renewal already on or before (state date).

Please be reminded that it is very important that all of our active employees who are driving any of the available company vehicles must have a valid license to drive.

On this particular matter, we want you to provide enough time to visit an authorized agency to renew your driver’s license.


Thank You


Sample Letter # 2

Dear (state name)

After checking the record for our active company drivers, it indicates that you are one of those with expiring driver’s license on (date). As an active driver, we believe that you know the importance of having a valid license when driving a vehicle.

To avoid any inconvenience, we are reminding you to renew your license on (state allowed date) and show us your newly acquired driver’s license afterwards.

Respectfully Your,

(Authorized representative)


Sample Letter # 3

Dear Mr. (name),

Upon checking the records of the company, we found out that the driver’s license you are using will expire soon. To prevent any concern, we want to take a leave on (date) to renew your license.

We understand that you are aware of the rule that the company does not allow drivers to bring any of the vehicles who have expired license already. Please do not disregard this important letter of reminder for your own convenience.

Hope to cooperate with us as soon as you received this letter.




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