Sample Promotional Letter, Service Business

Sample Letter # 1

Dear (name)

Our company has received a very favorable review from (publication name) recently, which we truly hope can somehow grab your interest. Just in case you forgot to read it, we enclosed a copy of the letter for your reference.

Considering that our service fits perfectly for your personal business, we sincerely appreciate to give us an opportunity to talk with you or any of your available representatives and explain further on how to help you cut any unwanted operating expenditures.

To make our explanation better, please contact us at (phone or mobile number). We will be very happy to arrange a convenient schedule for our personal meeting.

Thank You!


Sample Letter # 2

To: (full name)

Recently, we received an impressive review coming from (name of publication). Because of this, we are hoping that our enclosed service letter might capture your attention to consider our proposal.

We strongly believe that our service meets your type of business today and if you give us the chance to meet you, would appreciate having an opportunity to speak with you or one of your representatives on how to reduce your possible overhead expenses.

If possible, please give us a call at (phone number) to arrange the best schedule to meet you personally.

We look forward to your future call, thanks.


Sample Letter # 3

Dear (Complete name),

We currently received an overwhelming feedback from (name of company), and we are very hopeful that after reading our enclosed promotional letter, you will somehow find it interesting to consider.

Our available service will absolutely do better to the kind of business you desire and so we would truly appreciate if we can speak with you personally and discuss things clearly. We are serious in helping you to lessen your burdens from any possible overhead spending you have.

If you consider our offer helpful (sir or madam), please do not hesitate to call us at (telephone). We would be glad to entertain you on your most convenient time.


(Name of signatory)

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