Sample Request for Advice on Takeover of Company

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (Name of recipient)

With all honesty, I really need your good advice involving an important concern about the employees working inside the manufacturing area. I believe that the continuous rumors about the possible takeover of the company are by now affecting their jobs and overall performance. In line with this, I started hearing some employees who have plans in submitting their resumes to other competitors. I am worried about this matter because it could trigger serious problems if not handled properly.

Because I have the obligation to make an official statement about it to the employees, I want to ask your guidance as to what explanations should I say. It would be most grateful opportunity for me if you can share your personal thoughts on this kind of sensitive concern.




Sample Letter # 2


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.)last name,

I want to be sincere in telling you that the issue about the changing of management about the organization is causing unwanted arguments between the new and regular workers. Because of this, I am asking for an advice on this matter because the workers from the various departments are now starting to believe on this rumor. I know that this can affect their loyalty to the organization, which enables our rivals to take advantage of the situation if not dealt properly.

Frankly, it is one of my responsibilities to release an official statement about this issue so that the workers get the best information and understand the concern thereof.

I am sincerely considering your advice and thoughts to help me handle the situation.


Thank You Very Much!



Sample Letter # 3




Lately, I observed that some of the employees are starting to argue about the possible takeover of our company in the next few months. Of course, this repeating issue is now affecting the mindset of our people and it seems that they are taking it seriously.

In line with this issue, I heard that some of our employees already submit their job application to other competitors and this is certainly bad news for us.

Because it is one of my duties to make an official statement about this matter to our employees, I am seeking for your personal guidance on what will I state to them with proper understanding.

Again, I would like to thank you for helping me out.


Respectfully Your,

(Name of person)


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