Grant of Permission for Extension of Time

Sample Letter # 1


Dear (name)

We would like to thank you for your sent letter dated (state date) in which you explained us your circumstances involving your financial woes. It state that you are requesting for an extension to complete your payment for the invoice (# state number).

On this matter, we really appreciate your attitude of being straightforwardness in explaining to use and we have noted your account for an extension until (state date of payment).

You know that we consider you as one of our loyal customers for quite some time and if extending your payment deadline is a gesture to help you ease your tough situation, we are very pleased to grant you such assistance.

Thank You!



Sample Letter # 2



Thank you very for your sending us a letter of request to extend your scheduled payment on (state agreed date). After reading your explanation about your current situation, which forced you to request for a payment extension, we accepted your request and you can remit your complete payment on (state new agreed date).

We admire your being straightforward in explaining your valid reason and with that, our accountant already marked your record to expect your payment on the agreed extension date.

As a valuable client to us, we are pleased to grant you such request.



Sample Letter # 3


Dear (Mr./Ms./Mrs.) last name,

Thank you for the you sent our office in which you detailed the current problem you have that made you a decision to request for an extension in remitting your payment on (state date).

We really appreciate your value as a client for years and we have marked your account that you will be sending your payment on this coming (new date).

If granting your request can help you overcome your current tough financial situation, we will never refuse to offer our assistance.

Again, we will wait for your extended payment date and thank you.