Sample condolence letters after death of employee

Sample condolence letter to family of employeeWhen an employee dies whilst in your employment it comes as a great shock and is met with great sadness amongst their colleagues and workmates. At this time it is usual to send condolence letters to the employee’s family and also to inform staff of the death.

These are difficult letters to write so use the following sample as a basis for your own personalised version.

Condolence letter to the family of an employee who has died – sample 1

Dear (choose the salutation according to how well you knew the employee – Mrs Jones / Mr Patel / Angela / Dev etc)

It is with great sadness that [we/I] learned of the [death/passing] of [state relationship i.e your husband/son/father/mother/daughter and name of deceased] on [day/date]. Please accept [our/my] sincere condolences and [our/my] thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time.

[His/her] work colleagues join [us/me] in saying what a great pleasure it has been to work with or alongside such a conscientious, caring and considerate person.  [He/she] will be sadly missed by all.

Please take time to grieve your sad loss and then contact [us/me] when you are ready to formalise matters from an employment perspective, i.e. pay finalisation, benefits, future pension arrangements, etc.

Once again, we are all truly saddened by the loss of [deceased] and if [we/I] can be of any further assistance in dealing with [his/her] personal matters, please do not hesitate to contact [us/me].

Kind wishes

[Your name] and all of us here at [company name]

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