Sample letter inviting employee to discuss possible early pay rise

When a valued employee requests an early pay rise, they have usually been thinking about asking for several weeks. A good request contains plenty of information as to why they think they are entitled to more money. If you tend to agree that they have a case, then invite them to a meeting to discuss the matter further.

Letter inviting an employee to discuss their request for an early increase in salary – Sample 1

Dear [employee name]

Thank you for your letter [email/communication] dated [date] in which you request a raise in your [pay/salary/remuneration package].  I confirm receipt of same.

I would be [pleased to/like to/suggest I] meet with you to discuss this matter further.

I am free on [day date] at [time] in/at [location].

Please confirm that this is suitable and that you will be able to attend.

It would be helpful if you could bring with you supporting evidence of the beneficial improvements /changes you have made or influenced to warrant an increase.

Yours Sincerely

[Your name]
[Position in company]

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