Sample Letter of Complaint About Incorrect Billing

How to complain about a mistake in an invoice

Mistakes can happen, so always check your invoices/bills as soon as you receive them. Once you notice that an invoice has an incorrect amount listed, you should contact the business concerned immediately so that they can adjust the total.

Letter of Complaint About Incorrect Billing – sample 1

[Your name or your business’ name]


[Contact name – from invoice]

[Business name]

[Business Address]


Invoice no: 123456

Dear [Contact name],

Please find attached your invoice no: 123456 dated [Date]. In this invoice it appears that you have charged [me or Business name] incorrect amount of money for [Item/s]. As per our [Document] dated [Date], the correct charge for [Item/s] should be [Correct Amount of Money].

Please would you provide a corrected invoice reflecting the correct charge for [Item/s] before payment will be made. Once I/we receive a corrected invoice I/we will make payment as fast as possible.

!!!(The following sentence is to be used if you are a business)!!!

Should this be outside of our normal payment cycle we will issue an extraordinary payment for the invoice.

If you would like to discuss this matter please don’t hesitate to contact me on [Telephone Number or Email Address].

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

[Job title if applicable]

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